How Your Mobile Phone May Be Tracking You

Cell phones are really beneficial and convenient, no doubt about that. But have you ever considered that your phone might be tracking you? These days, you can find all kinds of programs out there. As an example, a catch a cheater app can track your texts and alert to your partner if you've been unfaithful. Furthermore, businesses out there collect data from cell phones and social media to sell or use for advertising purposes. Here's the way your other people might possibly be getting your mobile data.

Voice Activated Assistants

Undoubtedly, '' Amazon's Alexa is the hottest voice triggered assistant available on the market. While there's an app designed for Alexa, you might even use Google Assistant, Siri, and Microsoft Cortana in your phone, depending on which brand you have. These systems are incredibly convenient, however they're not too secure. It's simple for a person to fool voice recognition technology, actually by injury. And in the event that you inadvertently say something which activates your virtual assistant, it will record exactly what you've said and save it on a host.


Recently, the White House had to ban cell phones in its own West Wing, and it was observed if the ban will affect the remainder of the building. Why? They were also a security hazard. Hackers could easily access their data, whether it was through a catch a cheater app or alternative ways. By placing this ban in to effect, White House officials hope that there will be fewer flows.

Location Services

Even though you yourself have location services disabled, your phone is still keeping track of where you are. There have already been cases where it was still feasible to trace a cellular phone's location, inspite of how it was switched off. In addition, Google recently admitted to tracking its users' data, even once they had location services disabled. Just how are they able to get this done? It was not through spyware or even a catch a cheater app. Alternatively, they accumulated data from mobile phone towers which automatically pulled information from all of or any Android apparatus. Not merely were users uninformed that this was happening, but they also didn't have a choice in the matter.


20 17 appears to become the season of information breaches. Uber just demonstrated that its data were endangered, therefore should anyone ever utilized the ride-sharing company, keep your eye on your accounts. It's not possible to regulate the grade of every cellular app on the market. And naturally, some of them conform to a higher development standard than others. Make certain that you just download programs from reputable sources, and also be careful when inputting personal or payment information.

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